SAT2 Chinese Exam – Prep Workshop

SAT2 Chinese Exam – Prep Workshop

SAT2 Chinese Exam – Prep Workshop

Days: Every Saturday

Class Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Duration: 20hours/10 lessons

Length: 2 months

Starting: 5 September 2015

Date of Class:

September 5,12,19,26
October 10,17,24,31
November 7,14

Ending: 14 November 2015

Class size: Max 4 people

Price of the Course: HKD13,600 + HKD100/person (Online Murk Test registration fee)


Course Description

This course aims to help students achieve a high score on the SAT Chinese subject test. Lessons will focus on listening, reading and grammar. Students will become familiar with the question types and answering techniques and improve on their weak areas. Through analyzing common mistakes and reviewing exam strategies, students will be able to achieve an excellent result.

Learning Objective

  • Be familiar with the format of SAT Chinese Subject test.
  • Adapt strategies for SAT Chinese Subject test.
  • Become better prepared for the different question formats in the Subject test.
  • Support their practice in Listening & Grammar usage in Chinese
  • Demonstrate their understanding in reading comprehension and topics discussions
  • Promote the appropriate use of Chinese language in cultural settings
  • Increase their sense of responsibility