Before the Deadline 31 March HKD $46,980 (airfare included)

After the Deadline March HKD $ 49,980 (airfare included)

PREREQUISITE: Open to students entering grade(s): Grade 5 – 11

TRIP DATES: 15th June, 2018 – 5th July, 2018


Day 1: Land in Beijing international airport and taking the bus into the city, drive to campus and settle into your dorms. After dinner, spend time touring the campus and orientation.

Day 2: After the Tai Chi Fun & Diabolo class at each early morning, then attend six hour-long classes each day.  University instructors and our teachers will design the course based on our students’ learning needs in oral proficiency and other practical Chinese language.

After class each day, you will be encouraged to interact and communicate with local people, tasting different styles of Chinese cuisine, all while touring around Beijing and the surrounding area as well as learning about the rich history and culture.

Day 3 – 7: Same daily schedule as Day 2.

Day 8: After a week of classes we spend the day at Happy Valley Theme Park.

Day  9 – 14: Same daily schedule as Day 2.

Day 15: After final Exam at the morning, we spend over most of the day at The Chinese Culture & Agriculture Activities Youth Park of Beijing  (北京青少年行知实践园. We will travel by over night train to Ningxia Yinchuan and arrive in the next day’s early morning and spend the next five days explore at Yinchuan the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Day 16 – 20: We travel by over night safe seat train to Ningxia Yinchuan Hui Autonomous Region to visit the Park of Customs and Culture in the Homeland of Chinese Hui People, Inner Mongolia Alashanzuoqi, Ningxia’s Borders Tengger Desert  Tong Lake Grasslands,  Qingtongxia 108 Pagoda and Fun activities with Sand-boarding, Rafting at the Yellow river, Bonfire at the Alashanzuoqi Glassland etc.

Day 21: We travel by over night safe seat train back to Beijing at morning of 4th of July. Refresh at the School of CAMIC. After lunch, we fly from Beijing back to Hong Kong International Airport. End of RAMCC Summer Immersion Trip.


The AP Chinese Language and Culture exam consists of two aspects: Chinese language and Chinese culture. This intensive language immersion trip aims to provide AP students opportunities to further develop their proficiency across the full range of Chinese language skills as well as experience first-hand the richness of Chinese culture. Yuen Laoshi and Calvin will assess each student’s Chinese language levels to customize their learning materials’ context, as well as activities that focus on their individual learning needs. Instructional materials and activities will be carefully selected and designed to support the students’ overall proficiency.

Beijing is known for its rich Chinese culture and inheritance, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture while learning the language and engaging students in an exploration of both contemporary and historical Chinese culture.

Daily and weekend excursions will allow students to practice and enhance their Putonghua oral and listening skills with local people and learn to read signs/instructions in and around the city. Moreover, the AP students will be given an opportunity to take a leadership role to enhance not only their leadership knowledge and experience, but also to increase their interactions between the students from different age groups.


  • Be familiar with the format of AP Chinese Language and Culture exam
  • Adapt strategies for AP Chinese Language and Culture exam
  • Become better prepared for the different question formats in the exam
  • Support their practice in Pinyin system and typing in Chinese
  • Demonstrate their understanding in writing and topics discussions
  • Acquire better understanding of social patterns, traditions, art, medicine etc.
  • Promote the appropriate use of Chinese language in cultural settings
  • Increase their sense of responsibility


  • One-on-one conversation practices as well as role-playing
  • Observe & experience the rich culture by interacting with local people
  • Practice Mandarin in various authentic settings
  • Classroom instructions and discussions
  • Read and write about authentic materials, such as public signs, posters, menus etc.
  • Adapt multi-media lessons to enhance effective learning
  • Assigning leadership roles for the AP students


  • AP Chinese Language and Culture model practice tests
  • Frequent formative assessment of students’ development in listening, reading, speaking and writing to improve their language proficiencies.

Up to 24 students for the trip.



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